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Message From
The ISLA President

Indonesia is a meeting point of several tectonic plates, so he becomes one of the most seismically active areas on the planet with long history of powerful eruptions and earthquakes. Like almost of every country members of the Asia Pacific region, Indonesia lie on what we call “Ring of Fire” which is very prone to volcano disasters

On behalf of the Indonesia Society of Landscape Architects (ISLA), I take with pleasure to reminding you of and at the same time inviting you to participate in 2015 IFLA APR Congress which will be held in Mataram, Lombok Island, Indonesia on 7-9 of September 2015. Theme of the 2015 congress is “Future Mountain and Volcanoscape”. In the frame work of this congress, a seminar, an excursion to and an anniversary will be organized.

The 2015 IFLA APR Congress will be held in conjunction with a celebration of the 200 years of the largest volcanic eruption recorded in modern civilization history. It is the eruption of Mount Tambora, which is 4.300 m high in the year of 1815. It totally created new landscapes, buried three kingdoms, killed about 17.000 people, and produced global anomaly climate and political impact.

The organizing committee is amidst putting up a very interesting congress programs and combined with the possibility for participants and accompanying persons to experience an enjoyable social cultural program with memorable visits and cultural performances, your participation in this important event promises to be both educative and pleasant. Please, don’t forget to register yourself as soon as possible. Until then, hoping to see you all at the congress. Welcome to Indonesia.

Dr. Ir. Siti Nurisyah, MSLA, IALI
President of ISLA